2/30 Things - Fears

2/30 Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1.  My biggest fear is Owen being kidnapped. I think becoming a parent automatically makes you totally paranoid. I will drive Owen to school everyday and make sure that he is always close to me at the park. Remember the talk about the news? (you can find it here) How I can't watch it without having a panic attack? Ya, I think that's where this fear stems from. I have seen more kidnapping stories since Owen was born. Okay, maybe not, but now I notice them, before I didn't. 

2.  Grasshoppers: Take me swimming with sharks or put a snake around my shoulders but a grasshopper ten feet away will have me running. They are so unpredictable (sharks and snakes probably are also). I guess I've just had to many fly at my face. So gross. 

3. Chris leaving me: (These are not in order) haha One time when I was big and pregnant with O, Chris and I were traveling back from CA and stopped in Primm; it's about 40 minutes from Vegas. Chris went in to get a table at Denny's and I went to the bathroom. I came out to find him and I couldn't. I looked all over the restaurant and the casino, he wasn't there. I started bawling! I seriously thought he left me because I turned into a fat, crazy person. After about 20 minutes Chris was looking for me. We found each other and he just held me while I cried. I could hardly eat, I was so sad. Since then he teases me by telling me when he's going to brush his teeth. Worst fear ever, Chris just leaving me. I like him way to much. 


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