3/30- Parents

2/30 Describe your relationship with your parents-

I have a great relationship with my parents. It actually has always been pretty cool. I'm not saying I have always liked them haha but we have always been close. I feel like I can talk to them about anything. I remember jumping in their bed at night and talking, talking, talking about boys, school, sports, etc. They were the first people I told when I was starting to seriously think about marriage with Chris and the way they responded changed our relationship for good. I remember telling my dad and the first thing he said was to pray about it and if I felt it was right, then to do it. (What dad tells his seventeen year old daughter that?! ha) I always knew I could talk to them but that for some reason changed the way I looked at them. They were so supportive and without that response, I know Chris and I would not be married. My mom was scared but didn't question me. That support is still there and always will be. I would say our relationship is trustworthy, supportive and loving.

Just married. January 5th, 1990

In front of the temple they were married in!

 Me and my daddy at my wedding

Momma and I at my wedding. She was crying the whole day. I laugh now but when it's Owens turn...


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