4/30 sixteen

4/30 - List ten things you would tell your sixteen year old self if you could.

This is really what I would tell myself, not that I would've listened..

1- You are good enough. Be you, everyone else is taken. Stop comparing. Don't place your self worth in the hands others. You are smart, talented and beautiful just the way you are.

2- Boys are dumb. They will break your heart and make you crazy. Wait til they are home from a mission.

3- Give it your all when it comes to sports and schoolwork.You don't get to go back, so give it all you've got.

4- Sister before misters. Stay true to your loyal girl friends.

5- Be happy. Stop worrying about clothes, friends and homework. It's all good.

6- Do not steady date! It will only lead into trouble and besides, dating a bunch of different guys is way more fun.

7- Treat your family better. Friends will come and go but family is forever.

8- Learn how to build confidence now so you won't be twenty-one and still trying to figure it out. Set goals and accomplish them.

9- Do things for others and you will be happier. Serve others, you will benefit from it more than they will.

10- Think about the future. Life moves on after high school.


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