Life with a 1 year old

I am currently working on the next post for the 30 Days blog series but meanwhile things have been busy around here so I thought I'd add another post in. Chris started the Fire Academy. He likes it now. The first week of anything is an adjustment, let alone being told to run five miles. He is working like crazy! He goes into BYU work at 5:30am til about 3 then he heads straight over to Academy until 10:30. So I'm doing the single mom thing. It's a good thing we still live with my family. I have had so much help though so it's alright.

Anyway, this has been life around here lately. Oh and thanks to my new camera (Canon Rebel), all of these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!  Chris said it's my birthday and anniversary present for the next five years. haha

This summer I cleaned up my parents yard a little bit, actually a lot. And planted new bushes and bulbs. I think I would love to be a landscape designer/florist. Seriously. It's like therapy for me. Rip the weeds out and then see beautiful flowers grow from seeds. So cool.

These first two are from the Provo temple grounds. Aren't they gorgeous??

 So here's the before: All that grass and so many rocks.

And the after! All of the grass is gone, four new plants and lots of new bulbs are planted. (Pretend the hose and shovel aren't there).

And Owen likes to help..

 We play at the playground with the neighborhood kids

And go rock climbing

 Last Saturday I went on the wards RS retreat to Salt Lake. We took the Front runner and had a great time. I love these women, they are so talented and fun. 

It was pretty stormy but that didn't stop us. And it almost made the temple look cooler, if that's possible.

O's been playing the piano. 

Amanda nanny's for a family and she brings the little 3 year old (pictured below) over a lot. Owen adores her! Hugs and kisses are all the time. He is such a sweet heart.

He needs a sibling to hug but we're just not there yet. haha I honestly think he gets kinda lonely. He loves other kids. Just yesterday he ran across the street to play with the elementary school kids at recess.

 At this point, he had done this so many times already, instead of taking it away and cleaning it up, I just got a picture.

 We went to the dinasour museum at Thanksgiving Point.

 Owen got thee coolest car I've ever heard of! It's remote control. He just sits and I steer. Saying he loves it would be an understatement. It was given as a gift from a friend and we are so grateful.

And lastly, Owen has found his new hobby. Tantrums. I thought those hit around age two?? I know, you're thinking.. "What kind of mom pulls her camera out when her kid is crying?" This was because I wouldn't let him play with the mouse trap. So sad. 

 And that's it for now.


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