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8/30 Passions

8/30- What are three of your passions?

1- Relationships. I think the biggest passion of mine is family, friends, just plain ol' relationships. I live for them. I think Chris could live by himself on an island with a surf board and be completely happy. Not me. I need love, affection, drama, conversation.. I love to meet to new people and make new friends. I love finding out what experiences people have had and what tragedies they have survived. I truly have a passion for relationships.

2- Create. Another passion I have is the need to create. And express myself through creativity, but do it uniquely. I like to do the things that aren't so trendy. I know it's the "cool" thing right now to refinish things such as old furniture but I swear I was doing that before it was cool. haha (I don't like to be doing the "popular thing" soon as the chevron print became popular, I sold my chevron rug that I bought the year before). I have issues with being a par…


Look at what I just found... On the side of the road!!  So in love with my vision of what these beauties could be!

7/30 Dream Job

7/30- What is your dream job, and why?

I have recently discovered new hobbies. I think growing up may have something to do with that. Since I can't play volleyball or softball competitively anymore I have found other things that I could see myself doing.

1- Party Planner
Oh yeah! This would be my first pick (there's hope right?!) I love getting people together to celebrate just about anything. I love food, music, laughter and people.. hence a party planner! Just a small time one though. I don't want to do anything huge, well maybe later. I have thrown a couple block parties and a Halloween party and they were all huge successes. People talked about them for weeks after.

2- A florist
Since our family trip to Oregon this summer I have been so excited about gardening and planting flowers and possibly selling them. My friend (from up there in Oregon) has a beautiful garden and tons of flower pots around her house, and she was teaching me all about them. Who knew there was so m…

Just Because

Today I "stumbled upon" this blog/webpage and it made me smile. I would love to do something like this. And I think I am blunt enough that I could. I'm not scared to strike up a conversation with others just because. So if you feel like smiling today..  click here.

To the Pumpkin Patch we went

I almost hate to tell you where this place is because it's that cool...okay, I'll tell you. It's the tiniest little pumpkin patch right off the highway in Springville. It's called Jaker's, I think. We got there and asked what we could do for free and the guy said all of it. Everything there was free (minus the pumpkins). They had a little petting zoo with a llama, calf, a three legged goat, a pop belly pig and a 500 pound pig. An adult maze and a kid maze, a hay climbing tower, a corn box, hay barrel slides and a wagon ride.. again.. FOR FREE! How cool is that?!
Owen in the mini maze
top of the hay tower

mesmerized by the pop belly pig
Manda, Owen Jack and Libby

These funny pumpkins were called Cinderella pumpkins

In the corn box

6/30 Hardest

6- What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

This is hard.. I have definitely had my share of hard things in this life, just like everyone. But the hardest is..

To be completely honest, the hardest thing I have ever experienced, so far, is being a mother. It's by far thee hardest thing I have ever only begun to experience. And you truly don't understand until you become one. I thought I had an idea of how challenging and incredible motherhood is, but nope. It is far more than what I thought.

Again with the honesty, I never wanted kids. Because I knew nothing about the whole birthing process, it freaked me out; actually, knowing about still gives me the chills. I didn't want to have to deal with being pregnant, the labor and delivery, the sleepless nights, the nursing, the diapers and on and on it went. Ignorance is bliss right? I just wanted to adopt a couple foreign kids and give them a great life. Well, God had different plans for us. We found out w…

Historic Wheeler Farms

Owen and I have been able to explore The Historic Wheeler Farms twice now. My mom took me and Owen, Amanda and her little kids that she nannies; Jack and Libby today. We bought some food to feed the geese and ducks. 
That random beak below.. haha

seven week old Rosie
five week old piglets

This big guy nipped at me twice and the second time, I couldn't get away! haha I had to push him. 

The wagon ride!

Proof that he does in fact cuddle!
We gave O a Dum Dum. He was in heaven. 

This was the first trip we made up there. This was also the day before we found out that Owen had Croup and had to spend the night in the hospital hooked up to an IV.. so he was kind of out of it.