Sunday, October 6, 2013

5/30 Happy

5/30 What are the five things that make you most happy right now?

Honestly this was a good one, it made me think about the things that I'm grateful for instead of thinking about the things that I don't have. Let's be honest, isn't it so much easier to think about what we don't have? 

1- Owen Charles and Christopher. I love this stage with Owen. He is laughing and playing, running and "talking". He is so much fun now and he makes me really stop and thank Heavenly Father for these days. I have been trying to cherish these little moments because he will only be little for a while. And Chris is doing so much for our family. he makes me laugh (when he is home) and reminds me how much he loves me daily. These two make me happy. ( Poor O is sick in this picture) 

2- General Conference. Somehow, (I think God might have something to do with it:) I regularly hear what I need to hear. I without fail feel more uplifted, inspired and wanting to do good after Conference. I have always known being a mother and homemaker is a special calling and then becoming one, sometimes is hard to believe. Then the apostles and prophets speak about it and how important it is, I get the boost I need to keep going and I have a new sense of happiness for my calling as a mother.

3- Blogging. I know, weird. But I really do find blogging some kind of therapy. I get to write my true feelings  without talking someone's ear off. I love that I can share my experiences and maybe someone will benefit from them. Or share what mess Own made today and maybe some other mommy out there will feel like they aren't doing to terrible of a job. ha

4- The Church. Now I may not have a strong testimony about every aspect of the church but I do believe in every part of it. I love the blessings promised to me (us) if we live the right way,which honestly is pretty easy, I think we tend to make it harder than it is, by not putting the Lord first. (Guilty!) The gospel gives brings so much happiness knowing that I can be with my little family forever. How reassuring is that?!

5- Fall. Living in Hawaii, we didn't get any seasons.. lame.  It is so worth living somewhere with all of the seasons. I love the cool breezes, orange and yellow leaves on the tree's, pumpkin everything, warm clothes, and family gatherings. Starting in October, all of the holidays seem to come one right after another, which means, lots of food and lot's of the crazy family you don't get to see very often. I love it!

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