Sunday, October 20, 2013

7/30 Dream Job

7/30- What is your dream job, and why?

I have recently discovered new hobbies. I think growing up may have something to do with that. Since I can't play volleyball or softball competitively anymore I have found other things that I could see myself doing.

1- Party Planner
Oh yeah! This would be my first pick (there's hope right?!) I love getting people together to celebrate just about anything. I love food, music, laughter and people.. hence a party planner! Just a small time one though. I don't want to do anything huge, well maybe later. I have thrown a couple block parties and a Halloween party and they were all huge successes. People talked about them for weeks after.

2- A florist
Since our family trip to Oregon this summer I have been so excited about gardening and planting flowers and possibly selling them. My friend (from up there in Oregon) has a beautiful garden and tons of flower pots around her house, and she was teaching me all about them. Who knew there was so much to gardening?! I love it. I love flowers and I love giving people flowers to see their reaction.

3- Wedding dress consultant
I think I just now realized after re-reading for spelling errors that all of my dreams jobs involve making other people happy. I truly do love serving other people and watching them smile. I am a TLC Bride Day Friday fanatic. I love "Say Yes To The Dress". I love watching how excited the girls get when they have found thee dress. And what girl doesn't love sparkly dresses? I figure since I can't wear one everyday,why not help other girls try them on all day long? Oh just a dream.

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