8/30 Passions

8/30- What are three of your passions?

1- Relationships. I think the biggest passion of mine is family, friends, just plain ol' relationships. I live for them. I think Chris could live by himself on an island with a surf board and be completely happy. Not me. I need love, affection, drama, conversation.. I love to meet to new people and make new friends. I love finding out what experiences people have had and what tragedies they have survived. I truly have a passion for relationships.

2- Create. Another passion I have is the need to create. And express myself through creativity, but do it uniquely. I like to do the things that aren't so trendy. I know it's the "cool" thing right now to refinish things such as old furniture but I swear I was doing that before it was cool. haha (I don't like to be doing the "popular thing"..as soon as the chevron print became popular, I sold my chevron rug that I bought the year before). I have issues with being a part of the crowd I guess.. I need to stand out. Anyway, that was random, I love to make my own style and that includes decorating, reupholstering, painting, scrap booking, really anything that can make my home a representation of me and my family.

3-Traveling. Although throwing a baby in the mix makes this one a little more loud and exhausting. I still have a passion for it. My whole life growing up we moved just about every two year until Mesquite, NV. Why Mesquite of all the wonderful places, who knows? (Just kidding, I loved it). I loved meeting new people, seeing new places, just exploring the country. I told Chris I would love to continue to travel and move every 5 or so years. I am so grateful for all the moves my family made because now I have friends everywhere! And I have been able to see lots of national parks, beaches, cute little towns, museums, etc.

New York

Just some of the places I've been.


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