Historic Wheeler Farms

Owen and I have been able to explore The Historic Wheeler Farms twice now. My mom took me and Owen, Amanda and her little kids that she nannies; Jack and Libby today. We bought some food to feed the geese and ducks. 

That random beak below.. haha

seven week old Rosie

five week old piglets

This big guy nipped at me twice and the second time, I couldn't get away! haha I had to push him. 

The wagon ride!

Proof that he does in fact cuddle!

We gave O a Dum Dum. He was in heaven. 

This was the first trip we made up there. This was also the day before we found out that Owen had Croup and had to spend the night in the hospital hooked up to an IV.. so he was kind of out of it. 

Yes, he is licking the fence...

Apparently it is mating season... these guys were showing of. 

The birds followed us everywhere we went.

Wheeler Farms is such a fun place to go see. It's worth the drive into Salt Lake. Owen loved it so much more the second time around. :)


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