To the Pumpkin Patch we went

I almost hate to tell you where this place is because it's that cool...okay, I'll tell you. It's the tiniest little pumpkin patch right off the highway in Springville. It's called Jaker's, I think. We got there and asked what we could do for free and the guy said all of it. Everything there was free (minus the pumpkins). They had a little petting zoo with a llama, calf, a three legged goat, a pop belly pig and a 500 pound pig. An adult maze and a kid maze, a hay climbing tower, a corn box, hay barrel slides and a wagon ride.. again.. FOR FREE! How cool is that?!
Owen in the mini maze

top of the hay tower

mesmerized by the pop belly pig

Manda, Owen Jack and Libby

These funny pumpkins were called Cinderella pumpkins

In the corn box


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