10/30 Embarassing

10/30- Describe your most embarrassing moment

I think I am just naturally clumsy/silly/embarrassing. There are so many embarrassing moments that I don't think I could narrow it down to one. So I will list my top three.

1- My Freshman year of high school (I think I could just stop here).. I tried out for the softball team. We were doing running/sliding drills. I started at home and sprinted to first.. I started WAY too late into the slide and hit the base with my head, my feet caught up to me and went over my head. Everyone was laughing to hard. All I could do was laugh to not look like a complete fool. I think I even said "I meant to do that". Oh man, what great times.

It may or may not have looked something like this.. in front of both the JV and varsity teams.. and the baseball team. 

2- I think most of my embarrassing moments come from high school (who's don't?) I was a Junior driving in the parking lot by the baseball field where all of the "hot" senior baseball boys were talking. I think I was trying to impress someone or show off and hit the gas. As I sped off I hit the curb so hard it popped the tire.  In the rear view, they were all laughing and pointing at me. Humiliating. My life (as I knew it) was over.  My poor little Ford Escort barely made it up the hill out of the parking lot. I pulled over and laughed (because I was trying not to cry). One of them came up and helped me. He laughed and told me that I should be embarrassed but he helped me fix the tire. (There will always be a special place in my heart you friend.)

3- Chris and I were walking around BYU- checking out the Erying Science Center. I went upstairs to look at something and on my way down.. let's just say I came down a lot faster than I planned. My boot caught on the iron stair rail and I flew- Like down six or seven granite steps. Everyone there just stared.. none asked if I needed help or if I was okay. Owen started screaming as if he just fell down the hard staircase. Chris picked me up and tried not to laugh. I picked Owen up and we all laughed. Then I limped out of there as fast as I could..

Stay tuned for the next post 11/30- Describe 10 pet peeves you have.


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