Monday, November 18, 2013

11/30- Pet Peeves

11/30- Describe 10 of your pet peeves 

1- Empty toilet paper
Come on. Is it really that hard to change it?

2-  Spitting 
Old men, baseball players, tough guys.. so gross. 

3-  Outwardly comparing
Go ahead, do it in your head. But as soon as you start talking about our kids, 
our hair, our weight.. let's just stop. 

4- Other people singing to music in my car
This is so annoying to me for some stupid reason. Only I'm allowed okay?!

5-Utah drivers 
Everyone says "there's bad drivers everywhere". No. No, there isn't. Just Utah. So entitled and they think they OWN the street. Just be considerate and move outta my way. ha (see it's rubbing off on me)

6- Solicitors
Leave me alone dang-it!!

7- Cyber Bullying
It's just plain embarrassing and annoying. You really think you're that tough?! It seriously ticks me off. I want to jump in and say something but then I find that that might make me a hypocrite. Just be kind to one another!!

8- Lady Gaga
Her dumb songs are so catchy.

9- Chewing gum open mouthed
Gotta shut it.

10- Owen trying to pick at my moles
 Let's just say I have one less today than I did yesterday. (Yes, it is possible)

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