12/30 Typical Day

12/30- Describe a typical day in your current life

I know you all have been looking forward to this one!! (jokes)

7:30-8 Wake up to O talking in his crib. Grab him and "snuggle" on the couch. By "snuggle" I mean, me with a blanket.. While Owen is running around destroying the room. (I just read this other mommy blogger's post  and she described her little boy as a terrorist.. that's the word I have searching for. Not a human tornado, that's doesn't quite cover it. But a terrorist, now that's honest.)

Morning ritual: Eat breakfast while starting a blog post. 

Change a diaper.

Go back downstairs, get O in the tub; his favorite part of the day.
Get Owen dressed, get myself ready (if I have some where to go, otherwise, it's a yoga pant day for me!) 

Turn the tunes on and have a dance party. 

Change a diaper.

11-12:00 On sunny days we go outside and garden, run, ride bikes, roll in the grass, run, slip n slide or go on an adventure with Susan. (She is a nanny of two kids) So we do the Zoo, parks, aquarium, Thanksgiving Point, etc. 

We run errands with my mom, lots of grocery shopping. 

On crappy days we read books, do a little more dancing, color, play dodge ball, dance a little more.  

2:00 Now he's ready for a nap. Sometimes it's a 3 hour nap, sometimes it's 30 min. 

Change a diaper.

We like music and dancing around here.. so a little more of that. 

5:30-6ish Help get dinner started.  Pray that the men get home soon.. Maybe this is all kids, but Owen does especially well when there are men around. Whether that's my dad, Jeff or Chris. By this time, Jeff and Bec are home to help wrangle him. (SO grateful for help) 

Then from 7 to 10:00 he is wide awake and happy. Another tub, yes he needs one. Little boys get so dirty.
Just a few examples..  

That would be brownie and paper..

Around 9:30-10 Put him down.

* I know you're thinking this is WAY too late for him to being going to bed. Just let me clarify. Before he hit 10 months, he wouldn't sleep until the clock struck midnight. And then he'd be up 3 hours later-EVERY night until he was about 10 months old and that's with a couple 15 min naps a day. Then all of the sudden he started started to get tired around 11pm, a few months later 10ish and that's where we're at. This kid doesn't need to much sleep to function; like his momma. 

I put Owen to bed and about an hour later (around 10:30-11pm) Chris gets home from Fire Academy. 

11:30ish We go to bed. 

3:00 am Owen is up with night terrors again, which means I'm up. Back to sleep until 6am.. crying for some reason. (This is most nights, not all.. depends on how much Benadryl we give him) JK
He sleeps til 7:30- 8ish and we start all over again. 

And you ask me why I'm not ready for another one? Basically because I'm selfish.


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