Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas in Cali

After shoveling snow in the freezing weather we decided to head to California to visit Chris' side of the family for Christmas. (Yes, I am writing this as we are here but I just don't want to forget anything and if I don't write it down day by day I will).

Long story short Owen doesn't do planes well. Actually he doesn't do traveling well.

 After O punched a little girl in the face (he's going to be one of those kids) while waiting for our delayed airplane at the airport we finally boarded.(only about an hour later). Until they had to shut down the runway to "de-ice" all of the planes. So we sat there with a tired, whiny toddler for another hour on the plane. About halfway through the flight, Owen was done. Kicking, screaming, crying, you name it and he did it.

We were that family.
This was before we took off. 

Luckily we sat next to a guy who told us he has three boys so he know's how we feel. And every chance he could, he tried to help in some way or another. He was so sweet!

Finally ( I say it like it was a six hour flight, it sure felt like one) on our descend my ear wouldn't pop. It hurt so bad. I had never had that happen to me before. And then Owen grabbed his ears and started wailing. Screaming like he was in serious pain. By that time we were so past the mean/judgy looks from everyone around. I felt so bad for him.

Then the tires hit the ground and Owen fell asleep. Just our luck. Chris and I were exhausted! Apparently so was Owen, but this kid doesn't go down without a fight.

We got home and went to bed. The next morning I woke up with the flu. 102 temperature, the chills and all. So I spent all day long on the couch watching old Christmas movies while Chris mowed the lawn with Owen.

Then we went to check out Downtown Disney. Oh I love it.

Carillo in-law family (Sean, Shannon, Aarilynn, Lexi and Issac)

 The Lego store- man these people are talented!!

Yes, that dragon is made out of legos.

This is the main reason we went.. the beignets. The environment and music makes me feel like I'm in the middle of Princess and the Frog. My absolute favorite!

 A little creepy..

 Papa, Grammy and Owen

So far this is our trip.. we are only three days in to a thirteen day vacation and it's been great! Pictures of Owen's mouth full of sand are still to come.

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