Temple Squared

Chris' parents and grandmother drove up from California for Thanksgiving. They stayed with Chris' aunt and uncle that live in Lehi. Lucky we are so close and were able to visit a lot! One night, we went to see the lights at Temple Square. We forgot it was the opening night, which means all of the United States was there. It was SO busy. We won't be doing that again. It was still as beautiful as ever so it was worth it. And we have to go before we leave town for Christmas.. we are going to California! I haven't mentioned that before right?

Owen getting ready for the cold

Chris, O, Jill, Scott and I

A little blurry but it's still gorgeous!

Owen's happy place

 Some of my favorite girls! Wendy, Tiff, me and Jill

Another" blurry but goodie" haha The Migdat's 
Tiff and Wendy, Mike and Kim (missing Tyler and Matt)

Nice angle right? ha 

In front of City Creek fountains

 So the title is squared because we have gone twice so far and it's only the 5th. The second time we went with my family but didn't get any pictures of all of us together.. meaning we will have to go again. :) You can't get enough of the temple lights.

Owen trying to stay warm with Chris' beanie


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