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#2 Real Stories From Real Mommas

I have some exciting news.. drum roll please!
I am making a new blog just for the mommy stuff. The Real Stories from Real Mommas series has inspired me to create a whole new blog just for that (and all things momma). It's currently undergoing construction but will be up by the end of March (hopefully, cross you're fingers!). I will continue to do the series on my personal blog and when the other is finished I will just switch.

Since I posted the first "Mamas" series (read HERE) and the overcoming being molested post(read HERE) I have had so many viewers from all over. Trust me, I'm not bragging, this is what I wanted! I wanted these stories to reach all over the world to hopefully inspire or just make someone feel comforted. This is truly an honor and I just hope it continues!

That being said, as adorable as Owen is, I'm not sure I want everyone watching him grow up.. ? Does this make sense? I am a momma bear when it comes to that kid and since going through…

#1 Post!! [Real Stories from Real Mommas]

This is the FIRST post of the new series
Real Stories from Real Mommas  Oh my gosh I'm so excited for this! You ladies have made my week with all of the stories. So keep 'em coming. I love them! I have such a good start so I figured we better get started! If you are new and have no idea what I'm talking about please join in (look here).

This first post is by my sister in law Amy Davis. Check out her craft blog here!!! Thank you Amy!

I have seen a toe get chopped off. I have had someone flip my eyelid inside out. I have seen gums scraped away from teeth. I have been head butted in the mouth. I have witnessed someone attempt to fly only to slam into a wall with disappointment. I have bandaged bloody wounds. I have wrestled people into the bathtub. I have been vomited on. I have seen a patient receive too much morphine and almost die.
What am I? A nurse? A nurse at a l…

I am Sarah and this does NOT define who I am- 18/30 Forgiveness

Okay I'm finally back to the 30 Days Series.. If you are new and have no idea what I'm talking about-    Start here. The "Real Stories From Real Mommas" series are about to begin so keep a look out! (Hoping to start Tuesday)

18/30 What is the hardest thing you have had to forgive? Explain why.
I have been waiting for this one, counting down the days.  I have butterflies in my stomach.
I'm Sarah and I was molested. 
This isn't so you feel sorry or sad for me.. Please don't, because I don't.
I have been honest and open on my blog since day one. This experience, being as sensitive as it is, has taken me a while to write in words. I've debating whether or not to write this for months now and I think I have finally built up the courage. I have been wanting to share this experience and am writing this for a
couple reasons..
 1. To break the silence. Sexual assault, molestation and rape are far more common that we think. People, parents, and children nee…

Let's talk!

I have had several friends tell me lately to get ideas from other wives/moms and blog about it. Like, a whole book of awesome stories. So, I am here asking YOU to share you're most hilarious, embarrassing, humiliating experiences as a wife/mom. Ranging anywhere from newly married to giving birth to breastfeeding, diapers to teething. I would LOVE pictures if you happened to catch these moments. We all have incredible moments as wives and mothers and maybe that post/book will come later.. but I'd rather hear about the funny things that happen so I don't feel alone sometimes.

I am hoping to help this blog grow into a place where women can come and feel better about themselves, learn to laugh about the failures, the mistakes,  and also to be encouraged. Cause let's face is wife-hood and motherhood just sucks sometimes. Or am I the only one?  
Why not laugh about it?!?
So I follow blogs, like a lot of blogs. I don't check them all everyday and here's a reason why.

Motherhood {Part 2}

I am currently working on a post in the 30 Things series and it's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. (If you don't know what I'm talking about you can find that here) So meanwhile, I thought I would write an updated post on motherhood. (You can find the first part here).

These are my updated feelings. I honestly can't remember if I ever posted my TRUE feelings about newborns or not so if I didn't you will get a feel for that now. My feelings about motherhood and babies has changed-dramatically. And as you well know, I love to be brutally honest. I love being real and bringing it all to the table-the good, the bad and the ugly.

At the beginning of this this journey through motherhood (I say as if I'm at the end? haha) I struggled (I like to make things at least ten times harder than they actually are) and I remember feeling such bitterness toward Chris, toward Owen and pretty much everyone within my vicinity.We all have regrets, right?

If you would&…