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#1 Post!! [Real Stories from Real Mommas]

This is the FIRST post of the new series
Real Stories from Real Mommas
 Oh my gosh I'm so excited for this! You ladies have made my week with all of the stories. So keep 'em coming. I love them! I have such a good start so I figured we better get started! If you are new and have no idea what I'm talking about please join in (look here).

This first post is by my sister in law Amy Davis. Check out her craft blog here!!! Thank you Amy!

I have seen a toe get chopped off.
I have had someone flip my eyelid inside out.
I have seen gums scraped away from teeth.
I have been head butted in the mouth.
I have witnessed someone attempt to fly only to slam into a wall with disappointment.
I have bandaged bloody wounds.
I have wrestled people into the bathtub.
I have been vomited on.
I have seen a patient receive too much morphine and almost die.

What am I? A nurse? A nurse at a loony bin?


I am a mom.
A mother to four children, ages 10, 8, 6 and 3.
All of those things happened with my children. I saw a quote that says,
“Having a two year old is like using a blender without a lid.”
I think having a child of any age is like that.

This is the thing though.
I also have perspective.
I know kids grow up.
I know that it happens quite quickly. 
I don't have any babies anymore and sometimes that makes me sad.

 I also know why moms of five kids don’t often talk about the pitfalls and disasters of motherhood. It is because no matter how neck deep you feel in the beautiful {or ugly} chaos that comes from having tiny kids,  it doesn't last.

Tiny is fleeting.

Even though when you're in the middle of it, it feels like forever.

 I remember when my oldest daughter was born.
Life was great until she was one. Then we moved to an isolated location where I knew no one.
I remember being alone a lot. 
I remember when one single day felt like it was at least a week long. 
I remember boredom and loneliness.

But I want to offer you hope.

You won’t always be changing diapers and cleaning up vomit.
You won’t always be cleaning up crayon on the walls.
You won’t always suffer sleepless nights.
You won't always be worried about your child trying to swallow small items they find on the floor.
You won’t always dread travel with an unpredictable pint sized human.
Your child won’t always cry at the most inopportune of moments.

 Kids grow up and eventually there are other things to occupy your mind with. Sure kid number three peed the bed for the fourth night in a row, but your oldest daughter is also being chased around the school yard by two boys that have a crush on her and she doesn't know how to tell one that she likes him more than the other.

Sure your fourth child threw the biggest temper tantrum you have ever seen, but your other child just won a major school sporting event. You never dreamed you could be filled with so much pride.

Sure your daughter just cut half her toe off, but then you pass by a bedroom that your other three kids are in and you over hear them saying a prayer asking God to help their baby sister get better. Their unity and faith is overwhelming and comforting to you.

I think one reason moms with young children get frustrated is because we find ourselves in less than ideal situations quite often and we can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me assure you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

 I adopted this mantra long ago when I felt myself despairing that I would never sleep through the night again.

“This too shall pass.”

I found it so comforting knowing that I was not in a permanent situation even though it felt written-in-stone-kind of permanent.

When you find yourself despairing your post pregnancy body, your sleepless nights, your messy house, your half dyed hair that you are hoping passes for the ombre style, your blown out diapers, your child who loves to go wild at all the wrong moments, say this and see if it helps. Say it and believe it.

“This too shall pass.”

Because along with the all the bad,

I have seen more love than I ever knew could exist.
I have cried for some unexplained reason while watching my children participate in a talent show.
I was filled with pride as my son made his first touch down.
I was just as nervous as my daughter was as she took second place in her school’s talent show.
I have conspired with my husband about how to keep boys away from my oldest daughter and convinced said husband that it was still okay for her to  wear a bathing suit while swimming and that a wet suit wasn't necessary to keep her fully covered.
I have dried tears when a friend said something hurtful to my daughter at school.
I have witnessed the most sacred and tender moments with my children and between my children.
My house is rarely clean, but it is filled with love and hope.

When you feel overwhelmed, remember: Tiny is fleeting. This too shall pass.

Good Luck out there, while you are in the thick of it!

The Vital Role of Wife and Mother

“Beware of the subtle ways Satan employs to take you from the plan of God and true happiness. One of Satan’s most effective approaches is to demean the role of wife and mother in the home. This is an attack at the very heart of God’s plan to foster love between husband and wife and to nurture children in an atmosphere of understanding, peace, appreciation, and support. Much of the violence that is rampant in the world today is the harvest of weakened homes. Government and social plans will not effectively correct that, nor can the best efforts of schools and churches fully compensate for the absence of the tender care of a compassionate mother and wife in the home.” Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “The Joy of Living the Great Plan of Happiness,” Ensign, Nov. 1996, 74.


  1. This was wonderful. Exactly what I needed today. We recently moved to a town with less than 300 people. YEAH. LESS than 300. I am alone all day, everyday, with my 2 year old son... and sometimes (who am I kidding, MOST times) I struggle to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Thank you for this. I think I'll adopt your mantra in hopes that it helps the hard days pass a little quicker.

    1. Amber! Oh, how I remember being where you are! It is not easy. Hang in there and know that you will survive! That mantra really, seriously got me through! Best of luck!

  2. Amy, that was great! And, it is true. Thank you for sharing. Sarah, what an awesome idea! Wish something like this had existed when I was in the thick of it. Keep up the good work. I love you!

    1. Thank you Sharie! This idea of Sarah's really is great!

  3. This was great, and I love your mantra. I remember asking my sister how to get my 1st baby to sleep better. She said rock her to sleep and snuggle with her, it won't last long. She was right. I've been praying this past month to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom more, and I do. I love my girls, but I do miss the pre-baby freedom. But I trust that families are the key to happiness. Thanks Amy and Sarah.


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