#2 Real Stories From Real Mommas

I have some exciting news.. drum roll please!

I am making a new blog just for the mommy stuff. The Real Stories from Real Mommas series has inspired me to create a whole new blog just for that (and all things momma). It's currently undergoing construction but will be up by the end of March (hopefully, cross you're fingers!). I will continue to do the series on my personal blog and when the other is finished I will just switch.

Since I posted the first "Mamas" series (read HERE) and the overcoming being molested post(read HERE) I have had so many viewers from all over. Trust me, I'm not bragging, this is what I wanted! I wanted these stories to reach all over the world to hopefully inspire or just make someone feel comforted. This is truly an honor and I just hope it continues!

That being said, as adorable as Owen is, I'm not sure I want everyone watching him grow up.. ? Does this make sense? I am a momma bear when it comes to that kid and since going through what I've gone through it makes me even more protective of my little cub. So I've decided I will have a personal blog (for friends and family to keep up to date, like a journal) And this new mom blog. Awesome right?

Eeeeeeekkkk!! I'm excited! This is going to be awesome!!

Oh and I am leaving town tomorrow for a week, being that tomorrow is Tuesday (Real Stories from Real Mommas day) I am going to post it today! Lucky you!! :)

This is a great one. My former Trek mama and dear friend shared this with me to post on the blog. I laughed out loud when I read this! Well, laughed and felt bad at the same time. I love it! This is from a real mama! I just know you'll love it too!


I hate when laundry is dumped on the couch but one Sunday morning, not long after I had

my first child Sarah, I did just that so I could find some socks for my husband, Craig.

Even an hour after church, the laundry was still sitting on the couch because I had to nurse

Sarah. Just then there was a knock at the door and I went into panic mode. I handed 

Sarah to Craig to burp and headed to the door, making sure to stand between whomever 

was there and my couch. It was a new member of our bishopric who was bringing by

some paperwork for Craig. We talked briefly at the door and I made sure I moved as his

eyes moved so he wouldn't see our couch covered in clothes. He was there only a few

minutes and I felt some accomplishment as I shut the door, knowing he had not seen my 

couch!! But as I turned Craig said, "Krishelle, your shirt!" I had a button up shirt on which I

had undone to nurse Sarah and had never done back up. AND it wasn't only barely open, I

was new at nursing and so both sides were tucked way under each of my arms!!


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