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I have had several friends tell me lately to get ideas from other wives/moms and blog about it. Like, a whole book of awesome stories. So, I am here asking YOU to share you're most
hilarious, embarrassing, humiliating
experiences as a wife/mom. Ranging anywhere from newly married to giving birth to breastfeeding, diapers to teething. I would LOVE pictures if you happened to catch these moments. We all have incredible moments as wives and mothers and maybe that post/book will come later.. but I'd rather hear about the funny things that happen so I don't feel alone sometimes.

I am hoping to help this blog grow into a place where women can come and feel better about themselves, learn to laugh about the failures, the mistakes,  and also to be encouraged. Cause let's face is wife-hood and motherhood just sucks sometimes. Or am I the only one?  

Why not laugh about it?!?

So I follow blogs, like a lot of blogs. I don't check them all everyday and here's a reason why.

I've read so many "about me" captions on said blogs (under their perfect picture of the family or the author) where they say "I hope to encourage and laugh about the daily musings of motherhood" or something along those lines. You get me there, caught my attention, I'm so excited I found this new blog. I check and check and check and not once is there anything the about the failures, the "learning experiences", the life lessons, the pictures of the blow out diaper at Olive Garden (see here for that story).

Now don't get me wrong, not every blog needs to do this. I love my craft, my fashion and hair blogs,  but if you say you're going to share the daily life of a wife and mother.. Be honest and open about it.

 I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but my daily life as a mother is full of dirt, building block towers, playing dinosaurs, throwing balls around, changing diapers, killing bugs, eating food, trying to fit into clothes and maybe a project or two when I have the time.

 I guess that's what I want to see. I tend to feel bad about myself when I see the mom with five kids who has the cutest house, can come up with the most creative crafts ideas and her kid never throws tantrums... What am I doing wrong? The thing is.. I'M NOT! I know that the mom of five has hard days too, I know she doesn't always fit into the clothes she wants and that she gets thrown up on.

We live in a world so full of judgement and comparison. (Note: I am not stepping on the pedestal to preach, because I am sure guilty of it) I always feel better when I know my friends are going through the same or similar things. When they didn't get the laundry done today, yesterday or the day before. Or their kid pee's on the carpet just like mine does. I feel like I'm not the only one. And man that's such a relieving feeling. We all think we are "the only ones"..

I guess what I'm trying to say is.
 Tell me about it.
I would love to do a story a week on my blog. You would be featured and can tell your story. As long or short, as silly or sad, funny or sincere.

What do you think? We all have stories and I personally, learn best from others. I would love to hear your stories, advice, tips and tricks to being a mother. And I really think this is an opportunity for us to learn about each other and the so very similar but different lives we live.

 I think we were all put here for a reason,
 if we didn't need to learn from each other, then there would be no need for each other.

Want to share? Email me here:


  1. Oh Sarah!!! Let me be the first. :) We went on a trip to Arizona to visit the family of one of Bob's students. (No he's not a teacher. He takes care of the single student housing at BYU) Derek was 3 years old and Hannah was 8 months so I was still nursing her. We had rented a van for the trip. On the ride home we decided to stop at a few monuments and other cool things to see like the huge crater. This made the drive quite a bit longer than we had planned and everyone was getting tired and cranky. Hannah was crying and needed to be fed but I didn't want to stop and make it an even longer day so I got out of my seat and stood over her to do what I now call " Olympic Nursing". It was a bit uncomfortable but worked because she was satisfied and fell asleep. I tucked her blanket around her carefully and then climbed back into my seat. I had just fastened my seat belt and let out a big happy sigh when she began to scream. I turned around to see that Derek had ripped the blanket from her and this had woke her up. I was so angry!!! I got out of my seat and looked him right in the eye and said, "Damn it! That isn't your blanket!" He had the most serious look on his face and said, "My name's not Damn it, my name's Derek." Our older girls were sitting in the back seat looking at me like, we don't know if we should laugh or be quiet. I could see Bobs body shaking as he was trying to hold in the laugh. I couldn't hold it in any longer and busted up as well. It was so funny. So the rest of the trip Derek kept saying, "Damn it, damn it, damn it." I taught my 3 year old his first swear word. Best day ever!!!


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