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#4 Real Stories from Real Mommas { Vulgar times}

I am sharing the story today because I have a great one and it just needs to be up here.

Today Owen and I went to Home Depot. We were looking for dowels for this project. The only way I could get him to hold my hand was by bribing him- saying he could hold a big stick. He is a male, so naturally, it's just worked. Owen can't quite enunciate the "st" sound. Instead, it comes out more like the "d" sound.

While wandering through the isles, O saw a guy holding a long piece of molding. He started yelling

"BIG @!$%" 
"BIG !$@#"
This guy looked appalled at first and then started laughing his head off. I calmly said "He's saying "stick" and walked away. So now, everyone within hearing distance heard my little two year old yelling vulgar words. I laughed so hard and we have been working on the "st" sound. 

Good times. 

Paraguay {Favorite Day 3/22/14}

With a surprise knee surgery on Thursday, I have been a little behind, but I feel like I may be able to catch up. Chris took Thursday and Friday off to help with Owen and that has been the greatest blessing.

I am finally doing my first Favorite Day post- So here it is!

On Friday of last week my brothers mission call came in. We had so many friends come over and give their guesses. We had dear friends (our second parents) on Skype awaiting the announcement. As soon as he read-

"Elder Jeffrey have been called to serve in the Paraguay, Asuncion mission".

I started bawling, mom and dad were crying, there was not a dry eye in the room. I felt so proud and I know my parents did too. This is the first missionary to go out of our family so it's a pretty big deal. Neither of my grandpas nor my dad served a mission.

It was such a great day, full of love and joy. We are so proud of you Jeff.

Mom, Colton (Jeff's 1st best-friend), Jill, Alan , and Cooper


Jan-Mar 2014 Recap

I finally charged my camera and found a bucket load of memories- from a couple months ago til now. I figured I should document them, so here they are.

We played in flour because we don't have a sand box..

I started an herb garden- because I like salsa and caprese 

 Grass elephant- just to see if anything would grow.. and it did!!
 Caprese Pizza

 We played with Jeff's swim cap- hahahaha (he threw a tantrum when we took it off)
 Ate some hot cheetos and loved every second  "cheeeessssssssssseeee" I know it's super blurry but it's still great!

19/30 Where to live?

Alight- I'm finally back to the 30 Things Series

19/30- If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

This is a tough one- Because we are currently living in my parents basement, anywhere sounds great. No offense to my parents and family. It just sounds good to be on our own, anywhere. You understand right?

Las Vegas- I love the heat and I am familiar with it. That would be a great place to live. I loved living there when I was a kid.

Hawaii- What? I know. You're all saying "You said you hated it". haha "You never wanted to go back".
Well, here's what I have to say- The only reason I would move back is because of the people and culture. I loved the people. I have never lived in a place as welcoming, selfless, and loving as Laie. We were often given whatever we needed out of love. There was no judging of any kind. I loved that. I could (and did most days) wear Chris' over sized T-shirt, his basketball shorts, a messy bun on the top of my head a…

Speak Up- Thoughts from a sexual abuse survivor

I have received numerous amounts of messages of love and support from friends, and people I don't even know, since posting my story of being molested. The more I hear about your stories and your lives the more I feel the need to talk more about it. This topic is usually on my mind but I have been thinking about it sincerely for weeks, and there are so many things I want to address. So many feelings. This is meant to be an encouraging post so I hope you feel it comes off that way.

Wow, Where to start?
 Oh! I know- I just want to start by talking about the "victims". Like I said before, I don't like this word. I also don't like people that choose (yes, choose) to be the victim. Every victim of sexual, emotional or physical abuse has a choice to make- to be a victim or to be survivor.

 And these two words will change your life. Change the way you view yourself, your children, others and the world. Everything.

To be a victim:
1. a person who suffers  from a destructi…

#3 Real Stories From Real Mommas

Today's Real Stories from Real Mommas post is given to us from an old friend that I went to high school with. Her and her hubs just found out they are having TWINS!!! (Also, interesting fact: she is a twin). She has a pretty incredible story about getting pregnant through in vitro. It's truly a miracle. Here is her experience with morning sickness? Ever had anything similar?


Here's a pretty funny story I thought you could use about the first time morning sickness really hit me me.

I always thought being pregnant would be this magical time where I felt beautiful as my body and heart grew with a growing baby. And my heart has grown immensely for these two little babies as they grow every day. But there are some plain and ugly truths about pregnancy that I just didn't expect.  Morning sickness....I knew morning sickness was going to happen but in my mind I was conv…

Favorite Day

I had an epiphany, okay just a new idea for the under-construction-blog, it's called favorite day.

Some family friends of ours started this tradition a long time ago of telling everyone in the family their favorite part of the day before family prayers at night. It's been a tradition Chris and I have loved incorporating into our family. It makes us stop and think, for just a second, of what we are grateful for that day. Taking that time makes a difference. Instead of talking about what we don't have and what we don't like, it helps me, especially, think about how good I have it. It also helps me to look for those things during the day.

That being said I want to start adding that into the new blog "schedule"," routine"?  And hopefully it will make you think of something you are grateful for that day too. So here's to Favorite Day Friday! And don't forget to catch up on Real Stories from Real Mommas Tuesday!

Like this guy- thankful for him. He…