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#3 Real Stories From Real Mommas

Today's Real Stories from Real Mommas post is given to us from an old friend that I went to high school with. Her and her hubs just found out they are having TWINS!!! (Also, interesting fact: she is a twin). She has a pretty incredible story about getting pregnant through in vitro. It's truly a miracle. Here is her experience with morning sickness? Ever had anything similar?


 Here's a pretty funny story I thought you could use about the first time morning sickness really hit me me.

I always thought being pregnant would be this magical time where I felt beautiful as my body and heart grew with a growing baby. And my heart has grown immensely for these two little babies as they grow every day. But there are some plain and ugly truths about pregnancy that I just didn't expect. 
Morning sickness....I knew morning sickness was going to happen but in my mind I was convinced that it wouldn't be too bad. So I couldn't keep food down every now and then, big deal. Well by the time I was a little over seven weeks I only had mild nausea. No throwing up, and with twins I thought I was just going to be one of those extremely lucky ones who kinda got to skip the morning sickness phase. Haha, oh my naive little self.
I was seven weeks five days pregnant and it was the week of Christmas. It was about 3:30 in the morning, and Sam and I where all packed and on our way to the Oakland airport. We live in a city about 15 minutes south of San Francisco on the peninsula. Even though the San Francisco air port is closer the Oakland is usually cheaper. To get to the Oakland airport you have to drive over a seven mile long bridge that connects the peninsula to the east bay, because Oakland is over on the east bay. (This is all a part of the story I promise!)
So it’s 3:30 in the morning and we're in the car driving over the bridge. I had just taken my meds before we left and with one of the meds I have to drink A LOT of water with it. I had my water bottle with me in the car and was drinking away as we’re driving. Like I mentioned before, the bridge that connects the peninsula to the east bay is about seven miles long and we were just starting the bridge. Sam and I were just chatting away when all of a sudden a HUGE wave of nausea came over me. In those early weeks I could usually just breathe through the nausea without throwing up. I gave Sam the "hold on a second" finger while I tried to breathe through this nausea. 
Now when it comes to being sick I am not one that can hold it in until I get to a bathroom. When it’s coming up, it’s coming up now and there is no warning or stopping it. All of a sudden I felt it coming... I was just barely able to get the car window down before it all came up! 
Now the-not-so-funny-at-the-time-but-it-tells-a-good-story-afterwards, is that on the bridge there are NO shoulders to pull off on!!! We were forced to keep driving!!! The speed limit was 70 miles per hour, Sam did slow down to 50 mph for me. But here I am puking my brains out the window of a moving car going 50 mph while driving over a seven mile long bridge!!! And if you've ever had to puke out a moving car you know how difficult it can be! Thankfully the only thing I had in my stomach was water! The closest car behind us was pretty far away but I still felt so bad because I wasn't sure how far "it" could travel. I've got to admit for about 20 minutes after I felt better. Once we got off the bridge we pulled off to the closest gas station while I went inside to cleanup Sam squeegeed our car. And I'm just now realizing it probably wasn't very nice to use the gas station squeegee to clean throw up off our car. But remember it was basically just water. 
Going through the airport was slow with the holiday travelers and I got to the point where I wasn't feeling very good again. I made sure to have a trash can in eye sight at ALL times! I just prayed and kept praying that if I was going to throw up again it wasn't going to be until we made it safely to my in-laws and I had a nice private bathroom to myself. Thankfully, Heavenly Father answered my prayers. I took three barf bags from the plane to keep with me in my purse at all times and even at 16 weeks I still have them. That was just the beginning of my morning sickness! I now keep a barf bowl with me in every room of the house. I wasn’t kidding about not being able to hold it in until I get to a bathroom. Mornings were definitely the hardest for me. Ginger ale and saltiness have become my best friends! It has eased up a little since the second trimester started. I've gone six days, so far, without puking, so its progress!


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