Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#4 Real Stories from Real Mommas { Vulgar times}

I am sharing the story today because I have a great one and it just needs to be up here.

Today Owen and I went to Home Depot. We were looking for dowels for this project. The only way I could get him to hold my hand was by bribing him- saying he could hold a big stick. He is a male, so naturally, it's just worked. Owen can't quite enunciate the "st" sound. Instead, it comes out more like the "d" sound.

While wandering through the isles, O saw a guy holding a long piece of molding. He started yelling

"BIG @!$%" 
"BIG !$@#"

This guy looked appalled at first and then started laughing his head off. I calmly said "He's saying "stick" and walked away. So now, everyone within hearing distance heard my little two year old yelling vulgar words. I laughed so hard and we have been working on the "st" sound. 

Good times. 

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