Favorite Day

I had an epiphany, okay just a new idea for the under-construction-blog, it's called favorite day.

Some family friends of ours started this tradition a long time ago of telling everyone in the family their favorite part of the day before family prayers at night. It's been a tradition Chris and I have loved incorporating into our family. It makes us stop and think, for just a second, of what we are grateful for that day. Taking that time makes a difference. Instead of talking about what we don't have and what we don't like, it helps me, especially, think about how good I have it. It also helps me to look for those things during the day.

That being said I want to start adding that into the new blog "schedule"," routine"?  And hopefully it will make you think of something you are grateful for that day too. So here's to Favorite Day Friday! And don't forget to catch up on Real Stories from Real Mommas Tuesday!

Like this guy- thankful for him. He is so hard working and kind. I love him so much more now than I ever have (truth). He treats me so well and he is an incredibly patient dad.

I will do the first official Favorite Day Friday this coming Friday.. my brothers' mission call should be here then!!


  1. This Sarah, brought a HUGE and GRATITUDE-filled smile to my face! You're my "favorite day" today!

  2. Stacy! Thank you! We think about you guys every night when we share our favorite days. haha I love this and it will be a tradition in our home forever! :)


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