Jan-Mar 2014 Recap

I finally charged my camera and found a bucket load of memories- from a couple months ago til now. I figured I should document them, so here they are.

We played in flour because we don't have a sand box..

I started an herb garden- because I like salsa and caprese 


 Grass elephant- just to see if anything would grow.. and it did!!

 Caprese Pizza

 We played with Jeff's swim cap- hahahaha (he threw a tantrum when we took it off)

 Ate some hot cheetos and loved every second
 "cheeeessssssssssseeee" I know it's super blurry but it's still great!

 My youngest sister Bec turned 15! So we threw her a little party (after we got home from listening to Sister Dalton speak- around ten). 

 And we forgot candles- so 8+8-1= 15 (that's also about as good as my math gets) I'm so dang creative.
 It's been a great first of the year and to add to it, Owen started sleeping through the night. Twenty months old and is just now going to bed around 9:30pm and sleeping in til nine. It's been a miracle. 


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