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A Little Lifting

Being a mom and wife has it's struggles (we all know that) but one I totally underestimated would be the spiritual side. I actually don't think I even thought about it before Owen was born. I guess I thought I would be doing the same stuff; going to church, saying my prayers, reading scriptures.. Well, turns out, that's a lot harder than I ever thought it would. Doing that is great, but it isn't enough.

I had a pretty amazing testimony-building experience this last week. There are a couple reasons I am sharing, these are the two things I learned from it. Who knows? Maybe you will to.

{1} Yet another example to me of how well Heavenly Father knows us, each, individually.
{2} To never doubt Him.

  Chris and I have been sorta kinda trying for another baby. Ahhh!! Coming from the girl who swore she'd "NEVER DO THIS AGAIN" ,this is a monumental moment. (I almost said, this may be TMI but you all already know that this is on the lower end of too much informa…