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Charlotte May

We decided on Charlotte May Hendrickson.  No, I did not deliver her. She is happily kicking me as I type this.

Yesterday Chris and I had an appointment with our perinatologist, Dr. Gainer. We had scheduled this appointment months ago and we were going in to find out if I needed the cervical stitch or not. A big day!

It ended up being a lot bigger than we planned. We received completely devastating news. The ultrasound tech was looking at all of the anatomy and showing us our perfect baby girl. Perfect nose, toes and profile. She took a pretty long time, maybe fifteen minutes and kept saying, "Just looking at the blood flow here". I asked her if there was some kind of defect and she said she couldn't tell me without the doctor. Which is completely normal so Chris nor I thought anything of it.

Our Doctor came in and I told her how much I liked her and how comfortable she made me feel. She really is the best. She thanked me and quietly did the ultrasound all over again. She…

Hello again!

So, I'm back. I made it. I'm so proud of myself.

Life is hard you guys. Good but hard. Never mind that, life is just hard but God is good.

So I have a lot of things to tell you.
First of all, look at my blog!!! Beautiful isn't it? Done by the one and only Carmina Hughes. I just want to tell everyone about it. I'm so happy! I love having a cute blog to use, I've missed this therapy.

Second, we are expecting! What? Yes. And guess what? It's a..

Due July 30th, the same due date as Owen's. Apparently November is our lucky month :) And all but Chris' birthdays are in July.  Sarah  July 11th Owen July 19th Conor July 28th Baby Girl July ?
Frequently asked questions:  Are you scared? Out of my mind. When I first took the test, I cried. Like a big, humongous, ugly cry. I prayed and cried in gratitude and in fear. I cried for help most of all. I have days when I still do that. My hormones might have something to do with that right? I am terrified like I have never …