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Charlotte Mae 19 weeks

Yesterday I had two doctors appointments. The first with the perinatologist. The nurse took us back and checked my blood pressure and weight. She asked me to get back on the scale after I got off. She said "Is that right?" I was clueless as to what she was talking about and then she clued me in that I have lost 16 pounds since we found out about all of the problems with Charlotte, on Friday the 20th. She was very worried that I haven't been eating. I told her I be losing the weight in tears.

 Dr. Gainer checked my cervix, because on top of everything we found out last week, preterm labor is still an issue. A big issue. But for now, it's measuring long, like it should be. so that's the least of our worries. She said nothing has changed, except she has grown, but that's normal. ha Her heart and stomach are still close to touching and her bowels are still up in her chest. If you look close you can see her rib cage on the bottom in the white, then right above tha…