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5-12-15 Pediatric Surgeon

Yesterday was a big day. We got, as my mother in law said, "a brain full" of information. I am almost at the 30 week mark, I think. I honestly don't know exactly how far along I am.. every time we go in for an appointment I am either farther along or not as far as I think. Oh well, I'm not too upset by it.

We met with Dr. Scaife who works at Primary Children's as a Pediatric Trauma Surgeon. He was great. He told us everything we already knew but in a more detailed version. He started by saying that when Charlotte is born they will treat her as if she is the sickest baby they've ever seen. That's a normal standard. She will be immediately hooked up to a breathing tube, a feeding tube, cords and monitors and she will be sedated (in hopes to calm her down). We kind of figured this would happen but up until this point we hadn't been given a for sure answer.

A front view- my wardrobe is consisting of Chris' old fire academy shirts and yoga pants.

I tri…


Today was one of those days. You know like when your kid swallows quarters? Oh you've never had that happen?

This is just for my journal purposes.. well actually maybe this might help someone out there.

I put Owen down for a nap at our usually time after lunch. Instead of sleeping he talked to himself or Optimus Prime for quite a while. I let him be because well, that meant I got "me time" (to fold laundry) and he wasn't asking to come out so I figured everything was good.

An hour later, he had gotten pretty quiet so I assumed he fell asleep. I started on the dishes and luckily heard him throwing up. I ran back to his room and started patting him on the back. You know.. helping him throw up? "It's okay buddy, just spit it out, we'll clean ya up when you're done".

He was crying and choking now. In retrospect this is all pretty funny now but please believe my palms were sweating and I was in tears. His huge eyes just looking at me in panic, beggin…

Mothers Day 2015

Recently on my Facebook feed a lot of my friends are graduating with their bachelors degree and even some from nursing school. As I was scrolling through I kept thinking to myself how crazy time flies and how much they have accomplished since graduating high school. Then that obviously made me question what I have accomplished in the same time. Although I know I am no where near being a "fully accomplished woman", because I believe that doesn't happen in this lifetime, I feel very accomplished.

It made me think about where I have lived, what I have seen, what I have learned and where I am now. And since our fifth anniversary is coming up in August, I guess I feel like it would be a great time to write this all down.

 One of my friends from high school graduated from nursing school and when I saw the picture of her at graduation I couldn't stand how proud of her I was/am. That is a major accomplishment. I remember her talking about nursing school in high school and h…