Today was one of those days. You know like when your kid swallows quarters? Oh you've never had that happen?

This is just for my journal purposes.. well actually maybe this might help someone out there.

I put Owen down for a nap at our usually time after lunch. Instead of sleeping he talked to himself or Optimus Prime for quite a while. I let him be because well, that meant I got "me time" (to fold laundry) and he wasn't asking to come out so I figured everything was good.

An hour later, he had gotten pretty quiet so I assumed he fell asleep. I started on the dishes and luckily heard him throwing up. I ran back to his room and started patting him on the back. You know.. helping him throw up? "It's okay buddy, just spit it out, we'll clean ya up when you're done".

He was crying and choking now. In retrospect this is all pretty funny now but please believe my palms were sweating and I was in tears. His huge eyes just looking at me in panic, begging for me to help him. At this point I was smacking him in the back trying to get whatever is lodged in his throat out. More throw up and.. two quarters. Quarters. Not dimes.. quarters. TWO. QUARTERS.

My emotions flew from terrified to livid. Why would he eat quarters?!
Here I am thinking I might lose the only living kid I have to choking on quarters? Who does that?

Even as a crawling baby he hardly ever put things in his mouth. He just wasn't one of those babies. Apparently that phase of life came at three years old.

I sat there for a second trying to understand it. Quarters. Seriously? I said "Owen I thought you were asleep? What happened?" He then, in tears, replied "Mom I just couldn't sleep because I ate quarters".

I was going to take a picture but I figured you would get the mental picture of throw up and quarters pretty easily in your own.

Needless to say we didn't get a nap in today. He took a bath and splashed all over the place, the floor, the mirror, the toilet, etc. The rug was soaking wet but not to worry, I just threw that in with his bedding. Some days are just hard. Terrifying, then funny and hard. And for some reason I feel completely emotionally exhausted. Kids are awesome. Truly. I'm ready for bed.


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