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Charlotte May Hendrickson June 5, 2015

I'm going to start by saying I'm on heavy doses of Lortab and Tylenol. I'm seriously having a hard time making complete sentences but I want this to be out so you know what happened. From the beginning of this journey, Chris and I have felt like this has been such a "team" trial. We've had so much support and so many prayers offered on our behalf and that it's such a devastation to everyone that this happened. You are my team and I want you to be in on everything.

I honestly can't believe I'm sitting down at the computer and starting to write this out, again. Trying to explain what just happened, again. Trying to find the words to describe accurately how I feel. So here's my best.

Thursday, June 4, 2015
I had felt her move very gently only three times on Wednesday so when I woke up on Thursday I went straight for the sugary cereal in hopes that would wake Charlotte up and get her moving. I ate and waited. I grabbed a cold water, drank half and …

6-2-15 Having this baby soon?

Had another appointment yesterday- let's just say we all go by first names now.

This is what we are looking like right now- huge. I look like I have twins in there.. I don't. Just a huge baby and enough amniotic fluid to weigh in as another baby. Seriously.

This appointment went well. I always get so nervous going in thinking there could be another problem but seriously how much more can this little girl take? 
1. Single artery umbilical cord 2. Diaphragmatic Hernia  3. Polyhydramnios (amniotic fluid) which is caused by her not being able to swallow completely and pee it out. I imagine that would be difficult to do when your stomach is in your chest.  4. She can't drop into the birth canal because there is too much fluid.
I've had a lot of contractions but nothing that is worrying me. Because of my history and Charlotte's problems we are at a very high risk of going into premature labor (which honestly sounds great right now). My fluid level has only gone up by 2 c…

5-18-15 (Twice the amount of fluid)

5- 18- 15
At this appointment we went in and the ultrasound tech informed me that I have a ton of fluid. To which I replied "Tell me about it". At this point, I feel like we have heard the worst of it so any problem that comes really isn't that shocking.

A 3D picture of her chubby hand hiding her face.

Turns out I have twice the amount of amniotic fluid that I'm supposed to have. At this point in pregnancy, a normal pregnancy, you're supposed to have around 15-20 cm of fluid and it decreases the closer the due date comes. I measured 28.9. She also measured Charlotte and she is measuring a full two and a half weeks ahead; two red flags of Gestational Diabetes. I hadn't done my glucose test yet so she wanted me to get that done so we could rule that out. I went right after my appointment and my number wasn't even close to what it would be if I had Gestational Diabetes. So good, but not good. This means we don't know the reason for the amount of fluid. T…