5-18-15 (Twice the amount of fluid)

5- 18- 15
At this appointment we went in and the ultrasound tech informed me that I have a ton of fluid. To which I replied "Tell me about it". At this point, I feel like we have heard the worst of it so any problem that comes really isn't that shocking.

A 3D picture of her chubby hand hiding her face.

Turns out I have twice the amount of amniotic fluid that I'm supposed to have. At this point in pregnancy, a normal pregnancy, you're supposed to have around 15-20 cm of fluid and it decreases the closer the due date comes. I measured 28.9. She also measured Charlotte and she is measuring a full two and a half weeks ahead; two red flags of Gestational Diabetes. I hadn't done my glucose test yet so she wanted me to get that done so we could rule that out. I went right after my appointment and my number wasn't even close to what it would be if I had Gestational Diabetes. So good, but not good. This means we don't know the reason for the amount of fluid. The only reason this amount of fluid is a problem is because it means more pressure on my cervix also known as preterm labor. If it gets too "full" it can break my water and then we are having this baby. And at 31 weeks, that wouldn't give her the best chance.

With Charlotte measuring so big Dr. Gainer made a goal date of July 9th. This isn't the new due date, it's just a "try to give her the best possible outcome" date. She said if my fluid goes up any more we will talk about draining it. Fun right? This pregnancy keeps getting better and better.

For Memorial Day Chris, Owen and I went to Mesquite to visit family. It was great but the whole time I felt like I was going to pop. My ribs are being pushed because of all of the fluid. I felt like a big baby because I just complained the whole time.. but it hurt man. Like seriously on a scale of 1 to 10, it was at an 8. When I wasn't around family, I cried. Poor Chris, he had no idea what to do or how to help.

5- 26-15
We got back Monday night and I couldn't take the pain anymore so on Tuesday I called my OB and got in that afternoon. He checked to see if I had been dilated at all and I hadn't. Good news. With constant Braxton Hicks, my history and measuring a couple weeks ahead, that was a concern. He measured my belly and I am measuring a whopping 36 weeks. I am just barely 31. Charlotte is measuring 34. Bad news. When he checked my cervix, it was at a 19 and at this point it's supposed to be over a 25. Again, bad news.

Basically, because of the fluid, my body is measuring full term, which means my body is going to act like it's full term. As of right now, it's a waiting game. I am suppose to go in if I have more than five contractions an hour, even if they don't hurt. Well, I didn't know that because that's been happening for the last four days. She said I can get a test done called the Fetal Fibronectin test. It can tell me if I will be going into labor within a week or two.

Right now I'm really trying hard to figure out what my body is telling me. Owen's labor was polar opposite of Conor's and I haven't felt either so I'm trying to find out if there is a third type of labor.. haha I guess I need to meditate and get zen with my body. Oh so frustrating. So very frustrating. Comfort wise, I want nothing more than to have her today. But for her sake, I want her to stay as long as possible.


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