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6-2-15 Having this baby soon?

Had another appointment yesterday- let's just say we all go by first names now.

This is what we are looking like right now- huge. I look like I have twins in there.. I don't. Just a huge baby and enough amniotic fluid to weigh in as another baby. Seriously.

This appointment went well. I always get so nervous going in thinking there could be another problem but seriously how much more can this little girl take? 

1. Single artery umbilical cord
2. Diaphragmatic Hernia 
3. Polyhydramnios (amniotic fluid) which is caused by her not being able to swallow completely and pee it out. I imagine that would be difficult to do when your stomach is in your chest. 
4. She can't drop into the birth canal because there is too much fluid.

I've had a lot of contractions but nothing that is worrying me. Because of my history and Charlotte's problems we are at a very high risk of going into premature labor (which honestly sounds great right now). My fluid level has only gone up by 2 cm, which is making my belly measure 37 weeks. I will be 32 tomorrow. Dr. Gainer also checked my cervix yesterday and we are at 1.3, that's very close to dilating. It is suppose to be above a 2.5. So things are progressing, quickly. 

Because of every issue we have going on here, Dr. Gainer moved our goal date to June 17th, that will put me at 34 weeks and give Charlotte the best chance. Before then would be really hard on her because even though I am measuring 37 weeks (full term) Charlotte has only been able to develop for 32 weeks.. June 17th- That's like.. 15 days from now guys. 

Her cute chubby face and Owens nose. (The left side is being pushed against my belly that's why it looks creepy) haha And that's umbilical cord floating around in front of her.

From now on we go in every week. Actually twice next week now that I think about. Good thing there is such thing as insurance right? 

Next Wednesday I have my Fetal MRI scheduled up at the University. That will give us a really good look at her lungs and how much the surgeons will have to work with. They are also going to look at her liver and make sure none of it is in her chest. Dr. Gainer told us yesterday that 80% of babies with Diaphragmatic Hernia's have part of the liver in the chest and so far on every ultrasound it looks like she doesn't but she wants to be sure, hence the MRI. 

The results from that should be almost immediate so hopefully the doctor up there will be able to tell us what she see's. The the next day I go in to hear the results from Dr. Gainer. If the liver is up a little it just means that her lungs will have even less volume than we thought. Could be bad, could not. 

Also on Thursday, I will get a steroid shot for Charlotte. I'm praying this won't be the last time a take a shot for her. It will help her lungs develop and give them the best chance of inflating on their own once she is born. I am suppose to get this shot at 33 weeks, that's why the goal date is 34 weeks, so the steroid has time to sit. She needs this steroid. 

I will also need to do a Non Stress Test. Never had one before but I will be very familiar with them by the time she comes. I get to do them every week from now on. Dr. Gainer says it's boring and to bring a magazine. I just get hooked up to a monitor for 20 minutes and they watch Charlotte. A non stress test is recommended for women at increased risk of fetal death. It will monitor how her heart responds to her movements. Apparently right now (and in the coming weeks) is the time that she will die is she is going to. We can get a "reactive" result is she moves and her heart keeps up and we can get a "nonreactive" result meaning that she might not be getting enough oxygen or there are problems with the placenta. In which, Dr. Gainer would send us up to the University and I would be induced. 

That has been freaking me out. About a week ago when the contractions started I noticed she stopped moving as much. Before I could count on her around the clock but it has slowed down a lot. I told Dr. Gainer about this and that's why we are doing these non stress tests. It's basically to give her a chance if she is struggling. If they notice something off or not quite right on these tests they will just induce me and get her out. Dr. Gainer is only worried because she has a ton of room to move. Normally, she would be completely squished but because there is so much fluid, it's like a swimming pool. So her not moving as much could be a sign she is in distress. I'm suppose to start tracking her movements just to make sure she's fine and if I get worried to go in and have them look. 

Look at those chubby little legs! Ahh I'm just dying to squeeze them!

So.. a lot of information.That appointment lasted about an hour, after the ultrasound. 
Right now we are- 
A. Waiting for my water to break 
B. Have enough contractions to go into L&D 
C. Find something in the MRI or the non stress test that will make my doctors want to induce
D. Hold out until the 17th
E. If we make it past the 17th, shoot for July 9th
F. There's no way we are making it to July. hahaha 

We are doing okay. It's getting scary now. When we found out she had this defect in February, I thought "This sucks but we have so long until we have to worry about it". Now, we are starting to really worry about it. Every time I have a contraction I try to make it to the bathroom in case my water breaks because we can't afford a restoration company after all these medical bills. 

We have the hospital bag packed and friends and family ready to go when we need them. It's really exciting and scary that she could be here soon. Even though there is still a chance she could not make it, I am excited to see her. I am dying to hold her and see what she will look like. When Dr. Gainer looked at the 3D pictures she said "Wow, she's a chubby girl". And that's the best compliment! That means she will have an even better chance at life.  

So that's the long, crazy update as of yesterday. I will try to hold her in as long as I can.. but given recent experience, that doesn't work. :) 


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