Owen turns 3!

Our sweet Owen boy turned 3 on the 19th of this month.
We had my family over and all crammed in my tiny apartment to celebrate. 

Phrases commonly said: 

"That's besgusting"
"What's a boom boom?"
"But why?"
"Don't talk to me"
"Dad, do you have work tomorrow?"
"Mom, watch this trick"
"Can you pway with me?"
"But why?"
"Dad, do you have work tomorrow?"
"But mom I just have to grow up"
"I wuv you"
"Ya.. sorry mom"
"Hi mom" (always in a high pitch voice and when he did something bad) 
"Can we got to Chic Fur Way?" ( I will admit, the weeks after Charlotte, we had WAY to much 

Opening his great grandmas present

Because what three year old doesn't use scissors to open presents.

And my parents just had to get him one..

That's the I-told-him-to-say-cheese-and-he's-eyeing-the-other-presents face

Like this monster train set that took hours to set up and he hasn't touched..

This was a big hit..until Paw Patrol came around.

And right now he loved off of pizza lunchables, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk and applesauce.
I felt guilty about it for about 10 seconds until the pediatrician told me has grown two inches in six months. (what normal kids grow in a year) and by normal I only mean kids without a 6'5 dad.

Also- Chris and I decided to get on top of our health because well, let's face it, the emotional and mental can't be fixed. So we are starting with the physical and  Take Shape For Life is our choice. We are already one week down and have lost 5 pounds each. This is our "before" face picture.. just you wait, in a few months from now we are going to be sexy again. :)

Enjoying the Minion banana smelling bubble bath mimi got him.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. We love you and are so grateful you stayed with us. You really are our miracle. I didn't see it when you were born but I see it now.


  1. His party looked so fun! And I have to say it- you've got serious decorating skills! In Owen's birthday pictures I kept looking in the background at how your house is decorated- you should be an interior designer! I seriously struggle so bad with decorating.


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