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My Come to Jesus Talk (9 months) + Charlotte's Autopsy

I've been asked a lot lately how I'm doing. I figured I'd sit down and write it all right now because I'm not doing too bad. Sometimes, it's too much to answer to anyone let alone a computer. I know you're trying to help and you're curious and it means the world but I don't know how to respond sometimes. So here it is. Actually, you might want to stop here, go pee, grab a snack, get comfy and come back. There is no short way of explaining the months of emotion after the loss of a child, our sweet Charlotte.

When Charlotte was born, after they told us we were going to lose her, they asked if they could perform an autopsy. For any parent that question would be impossible to say yes to, well, it was but that question had been asked many months prior so the answer was already made up. Chris and I delicately and cautiously reviewed each scenario, praying we wouldn't have to make this one decision. We said of course and months, and months, and months of w…